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"From a Buick 6"
Positively 4th Street.jpg
Single by Bob Dylan
from the album Highway 61 Revisited
A-side "Positively 4th Street"
Released September 7, 1965
Format 7" single
Recorded July 30, 1965 at Columbia Studios, New York
Genre Blues, garage rock[1]
Length 3:19
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Bob Dylan
Producer(s) Bob Johnston
Bob Dylan singles chronology
"Like a Rolling Stone"
"From a Buick 6"
"Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
"Like a Rolling Stone"
"Positively 4th Street/From a Buick 6"
"Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
Highway 61 Revisited track listing
Audio sample

"From a Buick 6" is a song by Bob Dylan from his album Highway 61 Revisited, which was also released as a single on the B-side of "Positively 4th Street." It was recorded on July 30, 1965.[2]

Musical style[edit]

The song is a raucous blues song played recklessly by a band that included Al Kooper on organ and Mike Bloomfield on guitar.[3] The guitar part is patterned after older blues riffs by Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and Big Joe Williams.[4] It also features a backbeat from drummer Bobby Gregg, a bass line from Harvey Brooks, and a soaring harmonica break.[3][5] The song starts with a snare shot that is similar to the opening song of Highway 61 Revisited, "Like a Rolling Stone".[2][5] It is essentially a 12-bar blues pattern, played with power chords, and is notable for Bloomfield's almost indiscernible substitution of an F-chord in the tenth bar of all but the first verses, while the bass and organ play the G-chord. The song is partially based on Sleepy John Estes' 1930 song "Milk Cow Blues", even taking a few lyrics from the older song, but its approach is more similar to The Kinks' version of a Kokomo Arnold song that was also called "Milk Cow Blues".[3]

Cover versions[edit]

"From a Buick 6" has been covered by musicians such as Gary U.S. Bonds, Mitch Ryder, Treat Her Right, Mike Wilhelm, Alex Taylor and Johnny Winter.[6]


The name of a 2002 novel by Stephen King, From a Buick 8 is adapted from the title of this song.

The track "From a Motel 6" on the 1993 Yo La Tengo album Painful is a nod to the title of this song.[7]

In an Apple presentation held in 2006, Steve Jobs noted that this was his favorite track of all time.[8]


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