From the Drain

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From the Drain
Directed by David Cronenberg
Produced by Stefan Nosko
Written by David Cronenberg
Starring Mort Ritts
Stefan Nosko
Cinematography David Cronenberg
Edited by David Cronenberg
Release date
Running time
14 min
Country Canada
Language English
Budget CDN$500 (estimated)

From the Drain is a 1967 short film directed by David Cronenberg.

Plot summary[edit]

The film is centered on two men in a bathtub; it is implied that they are veterans of some past conflict but revealed that they are currently in a mental institution. The first man is paranoid about the drain of the tub, the second indifferent to it. After the conversation between the two men progresses, a vine-like tendril emerges from the drain to strangle the first man. The second shows no emotion to this sudden turn of events and the film ends.

Home video[edit]

The short was included along with Cronenberg's other early films on a bonus disc in Arrow Video's 2015 UK Blu-ray release of Videodrome.[1] This bonus disc, entitled David Cronenberg's Early Works was later released on its own a year later.[2]

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