From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest

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From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest
First edition
Author Mitch Cullin
Illustrator Peter I. Chang
Publisher Dufour Editions
Publication date
November 2001
ISBN 978-0-8023-1336-2
OCLC 46565102
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3553.U319 F76 2001
Preceded by The Cosmology of Bing 2001
Followed by UnderSurface 2002

From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest is a short-story collection by American writer Mitch Cullin, and is the author's fifth book. It was first published as a trade paperback in November 2001 by Dufour Editions in the US.[1] A UK trade paperback edition was published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in January 2005.[2] In 2007, the Italian publisher FBE released a trade paperback translation of the collection as Da Quel Luogo Nella Valle Dentro La Foresta.[3]

The collection was given a starred review from Booklist in its December 12, 2001 publication.[4]


Several of the stories in the collection had been published previously in literary magazines, although they were greatly revised for the book and often given new titles. Three of the eight stories were previously unpublished. The stories are listed below in the order in which they appear in the book.

Title Previously published in[5] Year Written
Voice of the Sun The Bayou Review and Texas Writers Newsletter 1995 / 1997
From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest Previously unpublished 2001
History is Dead Previously unpublished 2001
Wormwood finalist in the Santa Barbara Review's Phenomena of Place contest 1997
Five Women in No Particular Order Austin Flux 1995
Viv's Biding Previously unpublished 2001
Sifting Through Austin Flux and Little, Brown's Best American Gay Fiction 2 1996
Totem Harrington's Gay Men's Quarterly 1999


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