Fromage blanc

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Fromage blanc
Fromage-blanc1 cropped.jpg
Fromage blanc in a plate and its container
Alternative names maquée, fromage frais
Place of origin France
Main ingredients whole or skimmed milk, cream
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Fromage blanc (UK /ˌfrɒmɑːʒ ˈblɒ̃/;[1] French pronunciation: ​[fʁɔmaʒ blɑ̃]; also known as maquée) is a fresh cheese originating from the north of France and the south of Belgium. The name means "white cheese" in French. Fromage frais differs from fromage blanc in that, according to French legislation:[2]

The denomination fromage frais is reserved for unripened cheese that underwent a mostly lactic fermentation. Fermented white cheese marketed under the terms fresh or fresh cheese must contain live flora at the time of sale to the consumer.

So the former must contain live cultures when sold, whereas with fromage blanc fermentation has been halted.

Fromage frais is a creamy soft cheese made with whole or skimmed milk and cream. It is similar to some kinds of quark. It has the consistency of cream cheese, but less fat. Pure fromage blanc is virtually fat free, but cream is frequently added to improve the flavour, which also increases the fat content, frequently to as high as eight percent of total weight[citation needed].

Fromage blanc can be served either as a dessert similar to yogurt, frequently with added fruit, or in savoury dishes. In many Western countries, fromage blanc is sold in supermarkets alongside yogurts.

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