Front for Democracy and the Republic

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The Front for Democracy and the Republic (French: Front pour la démocratie et la république) is an opposition coalition in Mali that fought the presidential election on 29 April 2007 and the parliamentary election of 1 July and 22 July 2007. The FDR is an umbrella organisation, bringing together 16 independent political parties and groups.[1] It rejected the official results of the election, according to which incumbent president Amadou Toumani Touré won with about 71% of the vote, and alleged fraud, unsuccessfully asking the Constitutional Court to annul the election.[2][3][4] On 19 May, the leading FDR candidate, National Assembly president Ibrahim Boubacar Kéita, said that the group would abide by the court's decision to confirm Touré's victory[5] and would concentrate on the July 2007 parliamentary election.[6]

Of the eight candidates who fought the presidential election, four were affiliated with the FDR alliance:

The parties and other organisations were:

In the July 2007 parliamentary election, the FDR won a total of 15 out of 147 seats: 11 for the RPM and four for PARENA.[7]