Frontal nerve

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Frontal nerve
Dissection showing origins of right ocular muscles, and nerves entering by the superior orbital fissure.
Nerves of the orbit. Seen from above.
FromOphthalmic nerve
Tosupratrochlear nerve and the supraorbital nerve
Latinnervus frontalis
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The frontal nerve is the largest branch of the ophthalmic nerve(V1), and may be regarded, both from its size and direction, as the continuation of the nerve.

It enters the orbit through the superior orbital fissure, not running within the tendinous ring, and runs forward between the levator palpebrae superioris and the periosteum.

Midway between the apex and base of the orbit it divides into two branches, supratrochlear nerve and supraorbital nerve.


It provides the sensory innervations for the skin of the forehead, mucosa of frontal sinus, and the skin of the upper eyelid via general somatic afferent (GSA) fibers.

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This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 887 of the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918)

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