Frontbench Team of Paddy Ashdown

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Liberal Democrats
Frontbench Teams since 1997
Paddy Ashdown (1997–1999)
Charles Kennedy (1999–2006)
Menzies Campbell (2006–2007)
Vince Cable (2007)
Nick Clegg (2007–2010)
Tim Farron (2015-present)

The list that follows is the Lib Dem Frontbench Team/Shadow Cabinet led by Paddy Ashdown, who was Party leader from 1988 to 1999. The Party formed a Shadow Cabinet following the 1997 general election having doubled its number of MPs at that election. Initially known as a Frontbench Team, the Lib Dems began to refer to their Frontbench Team as a Shadow Cabinet during the leadership of Ashdown's successor, Charles Kennedy, although some controversy exists over whether or not it should be referred to as a Shadow Cabinet.

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