First Frontbench Team of Vince Cable

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Frontbench Teams since 1997
Ashdown Team (1997–1999)
Kennedy Team (1999–2006)
Campbell Team (2006–2007)
First Cable Team (2007)
Clegg Team (2007–2010)
General Election Cabinet (2015)
Farron Team (2015–2017)
Second Cable Team (2017–present)

The list that follows is the Liberal Democrats Frontbench Team/Shadow Cabinet led by Vince Cable, who was acting leader between 15 October and 18 December 2007, following the resignation of Menzies Campbell and prior to the election of Nick Clegg.

Liberal Democrat Frontbench Team[edit]

Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet[edit]

Other Liberal Democrat Spokespeople[edit]

Liberal Democrats House of Lords Frontbench Team[edit]

Liberal Democrat peers are also organised into teams broadly corresponding to the areas of Government departments.


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