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Manufacturer Bally
Release date November 1980
System Bally/Midway MPU AS-2518-133
Design George Christian
Artwork Greg Freres, Margaret Hudson, Kevin O'Connor
Production run 1,850 units

Frontier is a Bally pinball machine (produced under the Bally name) released in November 1980. It is based on the mountain man and hunting theme.


Den of Predators and Frontier Bonus[edit]

The basic game play is to collect two separate bonuses. The Den of Predators are 5 rows of 3 animals, rolling over lanes A, B and C or hitting the left, center, or right stationary targets lights one animal in the left, center, or right columns respectively. Lighting a complete row of animals advances the "Frontier Bonus". Lighting all the animals advances the "Frontier Bonus" to 60,000 and the "Predator Bonus" to 45,000 and lights "Special".

Grizzly Target[edit]

3 in-line drop targets lead the way to the Grizzly Target, increasing the Frontier bonus multiplier. The first drop target also opens the gate to "Frontier Falls".

Right drop targets[edit]

The bank of drop target on the right of the pinball machine increase the "Den of Predators" multiplier. They also control targets for "Specials" and awards for "Specials".

Frontier Falls[edit]

Frontier Falls is a saucer accessed by first opening a gate activated by hitting the Grizzly Targets. Getting the ball into Frontier Falls collects the current Frontier Bonus.

Playfield features[edit]

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