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The Frontiersmen running across the field after a Cougars touchdown at Robertson Stadium

The Frontiersmen is a group of students from the University of Houston that are involved in many university events including athletic games. The Frontiersmen began as a tradition at the university in 1948.


The Frontiersmen was established in 1948 as an effort to promote school spirit and support the university in athletic events, Frontier Fiesta, and academic success. After years of the Frontiersmen tradition at UH, the Frontiersmen eventually lay dormant for quite some time. In 1990, in an effort to represent the Houston Cougars football team better, an oil field siren was implemented at games and was sounded after each score. Manually manning the crank of the siren were members of the Sigma Chi fraternity. This became known as The Blaze.[1]

In 1992, after Frontier Fiesta was reestablished, three members of Sigma Chi started the Frontiersmen tradition again. After inviting five other men to join them, the Frontiersmen was officially in order. The next year, the Frontiersmen added Wranglers and dusters as their trademark attire.[1]

Football traditions[edit]

Since the Fall of 1994, the Frontiersmen have run the University of Houston flag across the field after each score. In 1996, the Flag of Texas was added to represent Texas better since UH was the only school from the state in Conference USA. Although other Texas schools have joined the conference since then, the tradition has remained.[1]

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