Frontis Archive Publishing System

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Frontis Archive Publishing System
Original author(s) Frontis Ltd
Developer(s) Frontis Ltd
Initial release 2008 (2008)
Development status Active
Written in PHP
Type Content management framework, Web framework, Content management system, Community
License Proprietary

Frontis Archive Publishing System is a content management system and electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) and is primarily used for publishing historical archives on-lines for researchers to search.


Frontis was launched in 2008, allowing the publication of both structured and unstructured website content for intelligent searching. Because it is deployed as a software as a service it is particularly of use to small voluntary organisations such as family history societies and historical organisations who do not have an IT infrastructure and sometimes struggle to find a simple way of publishing their records and archives to reach a wider audience. Its design and functionality was based on The UK National Archives standard for EDRMS[1] (known as TNA 2002).

A number of heritage organisations use the Frontis system, including the UK's leading Genealogical Society the Society of Genealogists;[2] and Frontis powered sites currently publish over 20 million records on-line (2012 figures).


In 2008 the innovative concept behind Frontis was recognised when it reached the Final of the Kent Innovation Challenge,[3] a competition sponsored by SEEDA, a UK Government body.

The Frontis powered Families in British India Society web site has won a number of awards[4][not in citation given] from the Federation of Family History Societies including:

  • 2011 Best Web Site (Large Society);
  • 2010 Best Web Site (Small Societies);
  • 2008 Best Web Site (Specialist Society).


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