Frontline Systems Australia

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Frontline Systems Australia
Private company
Industry IT Solutions & Services
Founded 1992
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Key people
Steve Murphy Managing Director
Bill Frangeskakis General Manager
Number of employees
150 (2013)
Parent Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
Website Frontline Systems Australia

Frontline Systems Australia was an Australian company formed in 1992 that provided IT solutions and services. In May 2011, NTT Communications Corp, the Telecommunications Provider, purchased a significant portion of Frontline. In October 2013 it merged with NTT Australia to form NTT ICT.[1]

Technical Overview[edit]

Frontline Systems provided services in Systems & Storage, Virtualisation, Networking & Security, Professional Services, Cloud Computing & Managed Services. It is the largest HP Technology partner in Australia, Sun Reseller of the Year for at least seven years and an IBM Premier Business Partner.[2]


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