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FROST is an Australian pop rock band formed in 1997 in Melbourne. Although the band has change several drummers since its inception, they are becoming an increasingly popular independent group in Australia. Lee "Lemon" Trevena is the singer, Tim "Porn" Powne plays bass guitar, and Benny Bishop plays keyboards; as of 2002, Jerry Speiser, formerly of hit 1980s pop band Men at Work, plays drums.

The band received hi-rotation on Nova 100 and SBS Television in 2003 with their single, "You and Me", featured on the SBS and Universal Records CD, The SBS Whatever Sessions. As of 2004 they have released three EPs. The Usual Suspects (EP/MGM/2004), FROST[1][2] (LP/SHOCK/2005) and 10:06 (EP/Green/2006).

Frost will appear on the Sound of Melbourne Records release in 2011.[3]

Band Members have included: Jerry Speiser (Men at Work), Rohan Heddle (Cordrazine), Benny Bishop (ABBAration), Rachel Parkinson (The Mabels) Joe James, Lemon and Timmy Porne.


  • The Usual Suspects[4] (EP/MGM/2004)
  • FROST[5] (LP/SHOCK/2005)
  • 10:06[6] (EP/Green/2006)

VA Compilation[edit]

  • Cheap 'N' Easy - Unleashed (2002) by US company 'Gold Record Music'[7]
  • Independence - Volume One[8] (2003) by Aus company By design records & MGM
  • The SBS Whatever Sessions[9] (2003) by Aus company Special broadcasting Service and Universal Music Aus
  • Sound of Melbourne[10] (2011) by Aus Sound of Melbourne Records[11]


  • Lemon: In 1997, Lemon had his song 'Here I go' recorded on the Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo) self-titled debut album Brill. He performed as one half of the acoustic due 'Top Deck' with Ando McDougell[12] (Dreadnaught), in which they had a residency at the Parkview Hotel in Fitzroy in 2000. In 2006 he wrote the main theme song for a short film, 'Passing the Baton' produced by Department for Victorian Communities / Mushroom Marketing and he also worked with Jess McAvoy[13] on her 2014 'The Women' album.
  • Joe James: since leaving frost has played in numerous cover bands
  • Tim 'Porne' Powne: unknown
  • Rohan Heddle: was a founding member of Cordrazine. He has played in various Jazz groups, one of which was the Mondlarks, which recorded songs at Lemon's home studio in 2013.
  • Jerry Speiser: was a founding member of the Aria hall of fame band Men at Work, who won a US Grammy in the early eighties. He continues to play in bands.
  • Rachel Parkinson: was a drummer in the band The Mabels, played drums in all girl band Exploding Daisies in Sydney and was co-hosting The Comic Box on Channel 31 in Melbourne on Friday nights .
  • Benny Bishop: worked at Yamaha Music, he has worked in Music theater and was in an ABBA cover band.


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