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Frosted Ambassador was an enigmatic release on Kindercore Records in 1999. While press releases claimed a long career in bands named Chronicle Ape and the New Sound and a failed solo career before "moving to Belgium to study toast," evidence suggests that the project was actually the brainchild of The Olivia Tremor Control's drummer Eric Harris, as the two bands shared a song on the album and a compilation, and William Cullen Hart created the artwork for the album. Also, The Olivia Tremor Control had a song on their album Dusk at Cubist Castle named "Frosted Ambassador"


The first track, originally named "Silverbug," was credited to the Olivia Tremor Control on Kindercore's compilation "Treble Revolution Volume 2," and the third track contains parts of the Olivia Tremor Control's introductory song on their Black Foliage album.

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