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Industry Soft drink
Genre Fast Food
Soft drink
Founded 1926
Headquarters Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Products Soft drinks, Fast food
Parent Frostop Beverages Inc.

Frostop is the name of an American root beer brand and chain of fast food drive-in restaurants. The restaurants are known for their rotating oversized root beer mugs used as outdoor signage.

Frostop restaurant in Uptown New Orleans.


The first Frostop root beer stand was opened in 1926 in Springfield, Ohio by L.S. Harvey. A chain of franchise locations was established, with the biggest growth following World War II.[1] The Frostop drive-ins reached their peak in 1958 with locations concentrated mostly in the American midwest and deep south, but found from New York and Florida to California and Washington state.[2]


Frostop brand products—Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Red Birch Beer, Orange Cream, and a Vanilla Caramel Cream soda—are still available in supermarkets and convenience stores in California, Illinois, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Although not as numerous as in their 1950s and 1960s heyday, Frostop drive-in franchises can still be found scattered across America.


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