Frozen (2010 Hong Kong film)

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Frozen Hong Kong poster.jpg
Directed by Kwok Chi-kin
Written by Kwok Chi-kin
Yim Ka-yee
Starring Aarif Rahman
Janice Man
Janice Vidal
Cheang Pou-soi
Cheng Yim-lai
Alfred Cheung
Matt Chow
Vincent Kok
Leon Lai
Wilfred Lau
Sin Lap-man
Ti Lung
Shaw Yin-yin
Release date
  • 2 September 2010 (2010-09-02)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Frozen (traditional Chinese: 為你鍾情) is a 2010 Hong Kong film directed by Derek Kwok Chi-Kin and starring Aarif Lee, Janice Man & Janice Vidal.

The story utilizes various songs and themes that are related to a late famous Hong Kong pop-star Leslie Cheung.


The Film tells story of Gigi and Kit who meet in high school and fall in love against her father's wishes. They elope when Gigi discovers she is pregnant with their child. However, their lives change when Gigi gets into a car accident and gives birth to their daughter.


  • Janice Man as Gigi - Wing's mother and Kit's girlfriend who is comatose for 20 years following the accident on the day her daughter was born.
  • Janice Vidal as Wing - daughter of Gigi and Kit. Raised by her grandfather after her mother fell into a coma.
  • Aarif Rahman (younger) / Leon Lai (older) as Kit - boyfriend of Gigi and Wing's father who falls in love with Gigi and impregnates her with his child.
  • Wilfred Lau - Leslie
  • Alfred Cheung
  • Pou-Soi Cheang
  • Vincent Kok
  • Lung Ti
  • Yam Yam Siu

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