Frozen Embers

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Frozen Embers
EP by The Crüxshadows
Released August 5, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Dark wave, synthpop
Label Dancing Ferret Discs
The Crüxshadows chronology
Frozen Embers

Frozen Embers is an EP released in 2003 by The Crüxshadows. It contains original songs, previews of the singles from Ethernaut and remixes of the singles from Wishfire.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Winter Born (This Sacrifice)" (album version)
  2. "Dance Floor Metaphor"
  3. "Return (Coming Home)" (Dreamside Remix Part I)
  4. "Return (Coming Home)" (Dreamside Remix Part II)
  5. "Seraphs" (Revox Lost Souls Mix)
  6. "Winter Born (This Sacrifice)" (Club/Radio Edit)
  7. "Go Away" (Future Bible Heroes Remix)
  8. "Sinking"
  9. "Return (Coming Home)" (Assemblage23 Remix)
  10. "Winter Born (This Sacrifice)" (Sacrificial Acoustic Version)
  11. "Return (Coming Home)" (Tenebrous Remix)
  12. "Return (Coming Home)" (DJ Ian Fford 555 Remix)
  13. "Deception" (Original English version)