Frozen Plasma

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Not to be confused with Fresh frozen plasma.
Frozen Plasma
Origin Germany/Greece
Genres Futurepop, Synthpop
Years active 2005-present
Labels Infacted
Associated acts Reaper, NamNamBulu
Members Vasi Vallis, Felix Marc

Frozen Plasma is a futurepop band consisting of Vasi Vallis (Reaper, Namnambulu) as a keyboard player and Felix Marc (Diorama) as a vocalist, currently signed to Infacted Recordings.


Frozen Plasma formed shortly after the collapse of Vasi's previous band NamNamBulu. The duos debut single 'Hypocrite' was released on November 24, 2005 followed by the full-length album 'Artificial' on April 21, 2006 and the EP 'Irony'.[1]

Later that year the band released the 'Emphasize' EP. The band has achieved notable chart success on DAC charts with 'Hypocrite' reaching number 10 on the singles charts.[2]

September 2008 saw the release of a new EP titled "Tanz Die Revolution" with the album, "Monumentum" following in mid-2009.

Frozen Plasma has embarked on tours with the likes of Combichrist and has participated in various festivals including Neuwerk Festival, Infest Festival and Leipzig Wave-Gotik-Treffen.


  • Hypocrite CDS (Infacted, 2005)
  • Artificial CD (Infacted, 2006)
  • Irony CD EP (Infacted, 2006)
  • Emphasize CD EP (Infacted, 2006)
  • Tanz Die Revolution CD EP (Infacted, 2008)
  • Artificial Evolution [complitation] (Gravitator, 2009)
  • Earthling CD EP (Infacted, 2009)
  • Monumentum CD (Infacted, 2009)
  • Tanz Die Revolution - International Version CD EP (Infacted, 2009)
  • Herz Maxi Single (2013)
  • Dekadenz (2015)


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