Frozen Synapse 2

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Frozen Synapse 2
Frozen Synapse 2 pre-release Steam header.jpg
Developer(s)Mode 7 Games
Publisher(s)Mode 7 Games
SeriesFrozen Synapse
EngineTorque 3D
Platform(s)Linux, macOS, Windows
Release13 September 2018
Genre(s)Turn-based tactics

Frozen Synapse 2 is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Mode 7 Games.[1] It is a sequel to the 2011 video game Frozen Synapse.[1] The game was announced in February 2016 for Linux, macOS, and Windows.[1] The developers were initially targeting a late 2016 release, but eventually shipped on 13 September 2018.[2][3][4]


Single Player[edit]

City Game[edit]

This is the main story mode. City map and buildings are randomly generated and for story purposes, some buildings include same features in every playthrough with the only difference being unit placement and position of additional props, such as trees. You can make alliances with other factions and take contracts from them. For example, some factions may ask you to either help them in battle or to deliver something. You can buy additional units on mercenary market and put them into customizable squads. Main objective of story is to stop sonata (terrorist organization) and to find who is behind it.


Game mode for people, that want to learn how to play. Tutorials section also includes tutorial videos where you can find detailed explanation of everything in a game.

Story missions[edit]

Game mode for people who want to experience only story and do not think about city, factions and economy.


Game versus AI on randomly generated, city mode like. To win you need to kill more units than your enemy. Typical map includes big building with a lot of rooms and parking lots.  


Frozen synapse 2 has 10 different game modes, and every game mode has sub options, such as dark or light, Timed turns, generated map type: City, normal or old school.

Extermination: Gain points by killing your enemy’s units, player who killed all units or had most points after certain round (by default 8 turns). Typical generation includes same units for bought teams, several rooms and barricades. Can be generated as old school, normal, or city variant.

Bomb defusal: New game mode to frozen synapse series in which one team has a unit with a bomb. Bomb can be carried by the different unit and to win, bombing team must plant a bomb at either plant A or B, before time runs out (by default 16 turns). After bomb is planted, other team must defuse a bomb by the end of 5th turn (25 seconds). Typical generation includes bomb team with more support units, while defuse team with more offense units. Plant A is around defusal team spawn, while B, for bomb and defusal team located at the same range. Map includes a lot of walls and small places, also a lot of barricades. Can be generated only as normal.

Charge: Two teams choose vertically orientated zone, which they believe that they can push in 6 turns and hold there for 3 seconds. Player, who choose the farthest zone is in attacking team, while another player is defending. Often, units are the same, but sometimes, support unit is different for every team. Map is generated more horizontally and includes big buildings and a lot of barricades.Can be generated as normal and old school.

Dispute: Two players compete in who either kill all enemy units or collect the most of packages and bring them to a special zone, which are located at every map’s corner, until the end of turn 16. Typical generation mostly includes different units for every team, mostly support units with explosives.Can be generated as normal, city or old school.

Hostage: 2nd player’s civilians located at the middle of map in green and yellow zones. In green zone second player can control civilians, while in yellow, they become controlled by an AI.  Second player can choose where to spawn at the certain parts of a map. First player can’t kill civilians in yellow and green zones and choose where to spawn at the middle of map. To win, second player must bring at least one civilian to a save zone, before end of the12th turn, while player one must kill all civilians to win. Typical generation includes 1-2 support units for player two, while player one often gets one unit that can deal damage in a big area (like flamethrower). Map is small with a lot of rooms.Can be generated as old school and normal.

Secure: Players choose zones that they want to defend. Player with the biggest zone is in defending team and must protect his zone for 6 turns. Player one (defender) can choose, where to spawn in his zone, while player two can spawn at almost any far side of map. If defender hold his zone for 6 turns or killed his enemy’s units, he won, but if player two either hold zone for 3 seconds, or killed all enemies, player two won. Typical generation includes assault rifle and shotgun units. 1-2 buildings, mostly parking lots, Open area. Can be normal or old school.

Upload: Every player has a civilian hacker and to win, player must kill his enemy’s hacker. Every game generates with same units (civilian hacker, 2 assault rifles, 2 shields) for the bought teams. Map has a lot of walls and rooms, no barricades.Only can be generated as old school.

One turns[edit]

You have only one turn (10 seconds), and your objective depends on a map. For example, to kill as much civilians as you can and kill all enemy units. Enemy is always controlled by AI (premade plan, which was made by player, who created this one turn), and people are competing in who can earn most points. You can create one of 5 mods as one turns.

Sitting ducks: Defending or attacking. Attacking team must kill civilization, that can’t move. Bonus points for killing enemy units and not getting your units killed. For every loss of unit, you are losing points.

Secure: Defending or attacking. Defending team has one V.I.P unit and attacking team must kill it. Bonus points for killing other enemy units.

Exterminate: Team one and team two competes in who gets the most kills. You are getting points for killing enemy’s units and lose point for losing your units.

Sub-options for matches[edit]

Dark mode: If your unit don’t see enemy’s units, they become grey and you can see only last know position of that unit and how long ago he was there.

Light mode: You can see your enemy’s units, even if your units don’t see him.

Timed turns: You can limit how much time does player has to make a move, also you can turn on Chess_clock.

Normal generation: Creates map, like in multiplayer and is suitable for competitive play.

City generation: Creates map, like in city mode(campaign), which is big and rich with details.

Old school: Generates map the same way as in Frozen Synapse.


In February, Mode 7 games announced sequel to Frozen synapse.[5]

On the 10th of march, trailer for pre-alpha version of the game  came out on Mode 7’s official YouTube channel.[6] And on 3rd of June, developers started “dev update”. A series of videos, where developers were showing their progress and answering to questions, regarding Frozen synapse 2. [7]

In December of 2017, mode 7 announced that game is delayed to 2018. [8]

On 5th of December, on mode7’s channel came out video, which announced that game will be released on 13th of September, 2018. [9]


Frozen Synapse 2 received “Generally favorable reviews” according to Metacritic, with critics favoring it more than users. [10]

Some critics point out that A.I is predictable, but still challenging.[11] Also, Ian Boudreau from IGN pointed out that Frozen synapse 2 shines in multiplayer.

PC Gamer also says that game is about skill and not about random.[12]

Some critics don't like singlepalyer, saying that as an idea it is interesting, but is heavily scripted. [13]


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