Fruid Reservoir

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Fruid Reservoir
Fruid Reservoir - - 1621063.jpg
Location Scottish Borders, Scotland
Coordinates 55°27′30″N 3°25′50″W / 55.45833°N 3.43056°W / 55.45833; -3.43056Coordinates: 55°27′30″N 3°25′50″W / 55.45833°N 3.43056°W / 55.45833; -3.43056
Type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom
Surface area 139.6 ha (345 acres)[1]

Fruid is a small reservoir in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, UK, near Menzion. It is formed by damming the Fruid Water, and supplements the contents of Talla Reservoir, forming part of the water supply for Edinburgh.

The construction of the reservoir flooded the valley, inundating several farmhouses including Hawkshaw.[2] Playwright Peter Moffat had ancestors that previously lived in the area now covered by water and cites the location as inspiration for The Village.[3]

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