Fruit Pie the Magician

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Fruit Pie the Magician

Fruit Pie the Magician was the official mascot for Hostess fruit pies from 1973 until early 2006 when the character was removed from the fruit pie labels.

Over the years Fruit Pie the Magician was featured in print ads in comic books as well as animated in television commercials. The character appeared on Hostess fruit pie product labels as a living fruit pie sporting a cape, top hat and magic wand.

The following is from a cached version of the Hostess web site:

"Magic - Fruit Pie the Magician loves to entertain friends with his wacky magic tricks. His favorite magic trick is to make Hostess Fruit Pies appear out of thin air. You always have to keep an eye on the Magician or else he may play a trick on you."

Fruit Pie is parodied in The Order of the Stick webcomic.

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