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Fruittella are chewy sweets similar to Starburst and Chewits. They are made using real fruit juice, natural colours and natural flavours, gelatine and shellac. They are made by the Italian-Dutch company Perfetti Van Melle, which also manufactures Mentos and Chupa Chups.

Fruittella Stick Range[edit]

Fruittella is actually two separate words, making 'fruit tella'.

Fruittella are sold in 41g sticks in the UK in the following flavours:

  • Strawberry
  • Summer fruits - Orange, Lemon and Strawberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • English Fruits - Blackberry, Raspberry, Apple and Pear
  • Strawberry Cocktail - Strawberry-Blackcurrant, Strawberry-Lemon and Strawberry-Melon
  • 2Fruity - Strawberry & Banana, Blackcurrant & Apple and Raspberry & Peach
  • Cola/Lemon - Mixed Cola and Lemon (launched in March 2012)
  • Magics - Flavour changing Fruittella (launched in March 2013)

Fruittella Filled[edit]

In 2007 they released a choc-filled Fruittella. The company kept the name Fruittella despite the fact that chocolate is not a fruit. The chocolate Fruitella also exhibited an uncharacteristically hard texture which some members of the public did not favour,[citation needed] leading to a decrease in sales and the eventual demise of the sweet. In 2008, the chocolate variety returned but this time with a softer texture similar in comparison to Fruittella chews. This range has since been discontinued, but included the following flavours:

  • Raspberry and Cherry
  • Chocolate and Caramel
  • Orange and Mango
  • Strawberry and Melon

Fruittella Crunchies/Pixels/UFOs[edit]

Fruittella also produces a product called Fruittella Crunchies; these are similar to Mentos or Golia but with an original Fruittella centre.

In 2011, Fruittella launched a Skittles-equivalent product called 'UFOs' and also 'Pixels', which are tiny pieces of chewy candy-shaped pieces of Fruittella.

Fruittella Hanging Bags Range[edit]

As well as chews, Fruittella have launched a range of hanging bags. The range in the UK includes:

  • Fruittella Liquorice and Fruit - Lemon, Strawberry and Orange chews with a liquorice half. Available in 175g bags. Now discontinued.
  • Fruittella Summer Fruit - Orange, Lemon and Strawberry chews in a 150g and 250g bag.
  • Fruittella Chewy Mix - A mixture of Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Apple, Pear, Raspberry and Blackberry flavours. Available in 200g and 250g bags.
  • Fruittella Crunchies - Available in a 12 x 3 pack.
  • Fruittella Minis - Available in mini-stick format of Orange, Strawberry and Lemon flavours.
  • Fruittella 2Fruity - Strawberry & Banana, Blackcurrent & Apple and Raspberry & Peach flavour chews in a 150g bag.
  • Fruittella Duo Stix - Long flat individually wrapped, twin-flavoured (Apple & Raspberry, Cola & Lemon and Strawberry & Peach), in a 150g bag.

In May 2011, the following soft jelly bags were launched in the UK:

  • Fruittella Children's Farm - Animal-shaped soft jellies in a 150g bag.
  • Fruittella Sour Drinks - Sugar=coated fizzy sour Lemon, Lime and Orange bottle-shaped soft jellies, in 50g and 150g bags.
  • Fruittella Happy Jellies - Fruit jellies shaped like faces in a 150g bag.
  • Fruittella 1 2 3 - Number-shaped fruit-flavoured jellies in a 150g bag.
  • Fruittella Sealife - Sea-life creature shaped jelly sweets. Available in 50g and 150g bags.
  • Fruittella Jelly Hearts - Individual small strawberry-flavoured jellies in a 50g bag. Launched in the UK market in January 2012.

In May 2012, a limited edition 'Jellymipcs' jelly hanging bag was launched for the duration of the 2012 Olympics for the UK Market.

Popular culture/adverts[edit]

Fruittella is known for their advertisement in the United Kingdom which contained spoofs of the songs "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred and "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-n-Pepa.

A new advert for 2009, concentrating on the flavours from nature theme, was on UK TV for the school summer holiday period. Another TV advert, based around the Natural flavour and colourings theme, aired in June/July 2011, and concentrated on the new soft jelly bag range.

In the 2011 film Anuvahood, Kay describes Fruitella as a "bad man sweet" and is annoyed that his local corner shop does not sell them [1]


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