Frumoasa Monastery

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Frumoasa Monastery
Mănăstirea Frumoasa3.jpg
Belfry of Frumoasa Monastery
Basic information
Location Iaşi, Romania
Geographic coordinates 47°8′21″N 27°35′14″E / 47.13917°N 27.58722°E / 47.13917; 27.58722Coordinates: 47°8′21″N 27°35′14″E / 47.13917°N 27.58722°E / 47.13917; 27.58722
Affiliation Romanian Orthodox Church
Architectural description
Architectural style Neoclassical
Groundbreaking 1726
Completed 1733
Materials stone, brick

The Frumoasa Monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Frumoasa) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery located in Iaşi, Romania.

Built between 1726 and 1733, by Moldavian Prince Grigore II Ghica,[1] the monastery is listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments.[2]


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