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The M.V. Frunze Higher Naval School, now known as Peter the Great Naval Corps - St. Petersburg Naval Institute, is the oldest of the Russian Navy's naval officer commissioning schools. It is located in Saint Petersburg.

The school traces its origins to the School of Mathematics and Navigation Sciences, founded in 1701 by Peter the Great, in Moscow's Sukharev Tower. After the city of St. Petersburg was built, the school was relocated there. The school was later reorganized as the Naval Cadet Corps.[1] After the Russian Revolution of 1917, it was eventually renamed to M.V. Frunze Higher Naval School. Today, it is called the Peter the Great Naval Corps - St. Petersburg Naval Institute.

Other Russian Navy officer commissioning schools include F.F. Ushakov Baltic Naval Institute in Kaliningrad; A.A. Popov Naval Radioelectronics Institute in Petrodvorets (St. Petersburg area); the Naval Engineering Institute in Pushkin (St. Petersburg area); and S.O. Makarov Pacific Naval Institute in Vladivostok.

Historical Name Progression (in translation)[edit]

  • 1701-1752 - School of Mathematic and Navigational Sciences, Moscow
  • 1715-1752 - Academy of the Naval Guard, St. Petersburg
  • 1752-1802 - Naval Gentry Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg (1771-1796 - Kronshtadt)
  • 1802-1867 - Naval Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg
  • 1867-1891 - Naval School, St. Petersburg
  • 1891-1906 - Naval Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg
  • 1906-1916 - Naval Corps, Petrograd
  • 1916-1918 - Naval School, Petrograd
  • 1918-1919 - Fleet Command Courses, Petrograd
  • 1919-1922 - Fleet Command School, Petrograd
  • 1922-1926 - Naval School, Petrograd, Leningrad
  • 1926-1936 - M.V. Frunze Naval School, Leningrad
  • 1936-1939 - M.V. Frunze Red Banner Naval School, Leningrad
  • 1939-1951 - M.V. Frunze Order of Lenin Red Banner Higher Naval School, Leningrad, Astrakhan, Baku, Leningrad
  • 1951-1962 - M.V. Frunze Red Banner Orders of Lenin and Ushakov Higher Naval School, Leningrad
  • 1962-2002 - M.V. Frunze Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Order of Ushakov Higher Naval School, Leningrad, St. Petersburg
  • 2002–present - Peter the Great Naval Corps - St. Petersburg Naval Institute, St. Petersburg

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