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Origin Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Genres Progressive rock
Years active 1971 (1971)–1976 (1976)
Past members Vince McCusker
Peter Farrelly
Stephen Houston
John Mason
Martin Foye

Fruupp, who formed in early 1971, were an early 1970s progressive rock band, which originated in Northern Ireland, but developed a fan base in Britain. They released several albums, including Future Legends (1973), Seven Secrets (1974), The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (1974), and Modern Masquerades (1975). They were relatively popular, particularly on the student scene, and as a support group (they supported Genesis and Queen on their UK tour in 1974).

Most of the artwork on their album covers was created by bassist/singer Peter Farrelly.

Stephen Houston left the band in January 1975 and became a Christian clergyman, to be replaced by John Mason, who can be heard on their final album, Modern Masquerades, produced by King Crimson founder and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, who also played saxophone on it.

The band eventually broke up in December 1976.

There were rumours at the end of 2006 of a possible reunion tour, including a statement by Houston on his website that he was: "definitely open to the possibility of a reunification tour if management, funding and the band members personal lifestyles could handle the upheaval".[citation needed]



Vinyl Albums:

  • Future Legends (released: October 5, 1973)
  • Seven Secrets (released: April 19, 1974)
  • The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (released: November 8, 1974)
  • Modern Masquerades (released: February 1975)

Single 45 rpms:

  • Prince of Darkness/Annie Austere (released: October 11, 1974, Dawn Records)
  • Prince of Heaven/Jaunting Car (released: December 1974, Dawn Records)
  • Janet Planet/Misty Morning Way (released: 1975, Pye Records)


  • Songs For A Thought (released: 1992)
  • Future Legends/Seven Secrets (released: 1996)
  • The Prince of Heaven's Eyes/Modern Masquerades (released: 1996)

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