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Developer(s)Silicon Graphics
Operating systemIRIX
This screenshot shows fsn running on an O2 workstation.
This screenshot shows a clone of fsn, which is called File System Visualizer.

File System Navigator (fsn; pronounced "fusion") is an experimental application to view a file system in 3D, made by SGI for IRIX systems.

Even though it was never developed to a fully functional file manager, it gained some fame after appearing in the movie Jurassic Park in 1993.[1] In a scene in the film, the character Lex Murphy, played by Ariana Richards, finds a computer displaying the interface. She exclaims "It's a UNIX system! I know this!" and proceeds to restart the building's access control system, locking the control room's doors. After the release of the film, some perceived the visualization as an example of media misrepresentation of computers,[2] citing the computer game-like display as being an unrealistic Hollywood mockup.[3]

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