Landesliga Bayern-Nordost

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Landesliga Bayern-Nordost
Map of Germany with the location of Bavaria highlighted
Country  Germany
State  Bavaria
Founded 2012
Number of teams 18
Level on pyramid Level 6
Promotion to Bayernliga
Relegation to Bezirksliga
Current champions ASV Neumarkt

The Landesliga Bayern-Nordost (English: State league Bavaria-Northeast) is currently the sixth tier of the German football league system in north eastern Bavaria and the third tier of the Bavarian football league system.

It is one of five Landesligas in Bavaria, the other four being the Landesliga Südwest, Landesliga Mitte, Landesliga Nordwest and Landesliga Südost. The league champion automatically qualifies for the Bayernliga, the runners-up needs to compete with the runners-up of the other four Landesligas and a number of Bayernliga teams for another promotion spot.

The league replaced the Landesliga Bayern-Nord and the Landesliga Bayern-Mitte at this level, both formed in 1963, with the former disbanded in 2012 while the later was reduced in area of coverage. The new Landesliga Nordost covers eastern Upper Franconia, formerly part of the Landesliga Nord, and the northern parts of Upper Palatinate and Middle Franconia, formerly part of the Landesliga Mitte.[1][2]



The Landesligas from 2012 onwards.

The Bavarian football federation carried out drastic changes to the league system at the end of the 2011–12 season. With the already decided introduction of the Regionalliga Bayern from 2012–13, it also placed two Bayernligas below the new league as the new fifth tier of the German league system, splitting the previously single division league into a northern and a southern group. Below those, five Landesligas instead of the existing three were set, which were geographically divided to limit travel and increase the number of local derbies.[3]

Clubs from three different league tiers were able to qualify for the new league. From the Landesliga level, the clubs placed ninth to 15th had the opportunity to qualify for the Bayernliga through play-offs. Those clubs who failed to qualify for the Bayernliga were grouped in the Landesliga. The Landesliga clubs placed 16th, 17th and 18th automatically went to the Landesliga. The Bezirksoberliga (BOL) champions also had the chance to qualify for the Bayernliga. Those clubs who failed went to the Landesliga, alongside the BOL teams placed second to sixth. The teams placed seventh in Upper Palatinate, seventh to twelfth in Lower Franconia and seventh to thirteens in Upper Franconia entered a play-off with the Bezirksliga champions for the remaining Landesliga spots.[1] The league, in its inaugural season, plays with 20 clubs instead of 18, like the other four, because of a successful protest by 1. FC Burgkunstadt which saw a minor realignement of the leagues.[4]

The league started out with 20 clubs in its inaugural season, the clubs coming from the following leagues:


The opening game of the new league took place on 17 July 2012 when SpVgg Oberkotzau hosted TSV Thiersheim in a 0-0 draw.[5] At the end of the 2012–13 season, league champions SpVgg SV Weiden were directly promoted while runners-up SV Friesen failed to earn promotion via the promotion round.[6] The league champions SpVgg SV Weiden had an outstanding season, winning the league by 30 points, losing only one game all season, and earning 103 points out of 36 games. At the other end of the table, FSV Erlangen-Bruck II, TSV Thiersheim and ASV Zirndorf were directly relegated,[7] while FSV Bayreuth, ASV Vach and 1. FC Burgkunstadt had to enter the promotion/relegation round with the Bezirksliga runners-up.Both ASV Vach and 1. FC Burgkunstadt managed to hold the league while FSV Bayreuth was relegated after losing to TuS Feuchtwangen.[8] For the 2013–14 season two clubs were promoted to the league, TSV Kirchenlaibach-Speichersdorf and ASV Veitsbronn-Siegelsdorf. Apart from these two sides the league also received 1. FC Strullendorf and SV Pettstadt who moved to the Nordost division from the Nordwest after the 2012–13 season while, in turn, SV Etzenricht and SV Mitterteich were moved to the Mitte division.[9]


The league is played in a home-and-away format with the league champion being directly promoted to the Bayernliga. The runners-up enters a promotion round with the other four Landesliga runners-up and the Bayernliga teams placed just above the direct relegation ranks, 15th and 16th in the south and 15th in the north, for additional spots in this league. The bottom three teams from the Landesliga are directly relegated to the Bezirksligas. The teams placed 15th, 16th and 17th have to play-off with the Bezirksliga runners-up for their place in the Landesliga.[10][11]

Top-three of the Landesliga[edit]

The following teams have finished in the top-three in the league:

Season Champions Runners-up Third
2012–13 SpVgg SV Weiden SV Friesen SV Etzenricht
2013–14 TSV Neudrossenfeld FSV Stadeln TSV Buch
2014–15 1. SC Feucht SpVgg Selbitz TSV Buch
2015–16 ASV Neumarkt TSV Kornburg SG Quelle Fürth
  • Promoted teams in bold.

League statistics[edit]

The top goal scorers and spectator statistics for the league are:

Season Overall
Per game Best supported Club Spectators
Top goal scorer Goals Ref
2012–13 70,768 186 SpVgg SV Weiden 337 Christoph Hegenbart (SVW) 30 [12][13]
2013–14 50,612 165 FSV Stadeln 340 Benjamin Pommer (ASV) 24 [14][15]
2014–15 55,661 183 FSV Stadeln 295 Sebastian Schulik (SCF) 38 [16][17]
2015–16 49,506 162 FSV Stadeln 271 Christian Schrödl (Neu) 40 [18][19]
League record

League placings[edit]

The complete list of clubs and placings in the league since interception in 2012:[20]

Club 13 14 15 16 17 18
SpVgg SV Weiden 1 B B B B
SC Feucht 5 14 1 B B
ASV Neumarkt B B 3 1 B
TSV Kornburg 2 x
SG Quelle Fürth 4 4 7 3 x
ASV Vach 16 10 9 4 x
TSV Neudrossenfeld 6 1 B 5 x
TSV Nürnberg-Buch 12 3 3 6 x
SpVgg Selbitz B B 2 7 x
ASV Pegnitz 7 11 10 8 x
Dergahspor Nürnberg 5 12 12 9 x
FSV Erlangen-Bruck B B B 10 x
FC Vorwärts Röslau 11 8 4 11 x
ASV Veitsbronn 9 5 12 x
SSV Kasendorf 11 13 x
SV Mitterteich 13 6 8 13 x
Baiersdorfer SV 11 16 x
FSV Bayreuth 17 x
SC 04 Schwabach 17 x
SpVgg Bayreuth II x
ATSV Erlangen x
FSV Stadeln 14 2 8 14
SV Poppenreuth 15
VfL Frohnlach II 15 17
SV Seligenporten II 15 13 17
SV Friesen 2 6 6 18
BSC Saas Bayreuth 8 7 14
TSV Kirchenlaibach 5 16
SV Pettstadt 2 13 16
1. FC Redwitz 17
ASV Hollfeld B B 18
SV Buckenhofen 9 14
1. FC Burgkunstadt 15 15
SpVgg Oberkotzau 10 16
1. FC Trogen B 17
1. FC Strullendorf 12 18
ASV Zirndorf 18
TSV Thiersheim 19
FSV Erlangen-Bruck II 20


Symbol Key
B Bayernliga
1 League champions
Place League
Place Played in the Nordwest division that season.
Place Played in the Mitte division that season.
Blank Played at a league level below this league


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