Fužine, Croatia

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Fužine, Croatia is located in Croatia
Fužine, Croatia
Location of Fužine in Croatia

Fužine (Fusine in italian) is a village and a municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia.


The total population of Fužine is 1,592, in the following settlements:[1]


Fužine is a town that was built in the 17th century when the House of Zrinski opened an iron mine in this area of Gorski Kotar. Fužine got its name from blacksmiths, because there were many blacksmiths in Fužine fixing carriages. Significant events include the 1727 construction of the Karolina road connecting Bakar with Karlovac, and the coming of the Zagreb-Rijeka railroad in 1873.


Fužine has a long tourism tradition. A lot of people started to come Fužine to get away from the city life. The town has the advantage of being close to the sea (45 min of drive), but still offer a cool night due to mountain location. In Fužine you have a lot of bike routes and hiking trails. The cave Vrelo is opened for tourist throughout whole year. The cave is also accessible for people with wheelchair, and other disabilities. Fužine also has a lot of festivities during the year:

  • Summer in Fužine - concerts, sport competitions
  • Big New Year's Eve party in the noon
  • Lake regatta
  • World championship in underwater orientation
  • Fishing contest


Fužine has a number of saw mills. It also contains a large plant (Drvenjača d.d.) for producing cellulose pulp for paper manufacturing.


Lake Bajer is spanned by the Bajer Bridge that carries the A6 motorway traffic.

There are three large man-made lakes (Bajer and Lepenica) and one small lake (Potkoš) in Fužine.

All the lakes are used for generating electricity. There is also a cave in Fužine named Vrelo.

The town area is surrounded by the mountains of Tuhobić, Viševica, and Bitoraj.

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 45°18′0″N 14°43′12″E / 45.30000°N 14.72000°E / 45.30000; 14.72000