Fu Biao

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Fu Biao
Fu Biao.jpg
Background information
Chinese name
Pinyin Fù Biāo (Mandarin)
Born (1963-09-27)September 27, 1963
Beijing, China
Died August 30, 2005(2005-08-30) (aged 41)
Beijing, China
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Zhang Qiufang (m. 1989)
Children 1
Alma mater China Social University

Fu Biao (September 27, 1963 – August 30, 2005) was a Chinese actor.


Fu Biao was born in the family of an army officer on September 27, 1963, in Beijing. After graduating from high school, he entered a film academy in Beijing to learn acting. As a film actor, he acted for the first time in the Shanghai Triad (摇呀摇,摇到外婆桥). From 1997 he acted in several New Year films directed by Feng Xiaogang and became a recognizable actor. He died from liver cancer after having his liver transplanted twice[1]

Fu's funeral was attended by some of the biggest names in Chinese entertainment, including Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan, Sun Haiying, Lü Liping, Xu Zheng, Tao Hong, Zhang Guoli, Deng Jie, Feng Gong, Han Hong, Liu Zhenyun, Cai Ming, Yu Quan, Hou Yaowen, Alex Man, Zhang Jizhong, Liu Xiao Ling Tong, etc.

Personal life[edit]

Fu Biao married actress Zhang Qiufang (张秋芳) in 1989. They portrayed a married couple in several films, including The Dream Factory (1997), Rhapsody of Spring (1998), Happy Times (2000), and several TV series, including Promise of Fate (2002) and Wife (2003) which they co-starred. Zhang Qiufang also had a cameo role in Sorry Baby (1999). In 2006, Zhang published a memoir Yin Ji (印记; "Mark") about her marriage with Fu. The book also included some of Fu's writing after his cancer diagnosis, as well as commemorative essays by family members and some of their celebrity friends.

Fu Biao's son Fu Zi'en (傅子恩), born in 1991, graduated from Beijing Film Academy's Directing Institute.



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1984 North China Red Beans 北国红豆
1995 Shanghai Triad 搖啊搖,搖到外婆橋 Zheng Sanye
1997 The Sorrows of Xiaoxinzhuang 小辛庄的烦恼 TV film
The Dream Factory 甲方乙方 Zhang Fugui
Keep Cool 有话好好说
1998 Restless Shen Gang
Rhapsody of Spring 春天的狂想
1999 Sorry Baby 没完没了 Ruan Dawei
2000 Sigh 一声叹息 Liu Dawei
Happy Times 幸福时光 Little Fu
2001 Decorating with Lanterns and Festoons 张灯结彩 TV film
Escort 押解的故事 Yu Tai
Big Shot's Funeral 大腕 himself cameo
One Hundred... 100个。。。。。。 Uncle Sun
Family Tie 考试一家亲 Lu Dayi
Who Cares 谁说我不在乎 teacher
2002 The Supreme Interest 至高无上
2004 A World Without Thieves 天下无贼 Manager Liu

TV dramas and sitcoms[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1990 Kewang 渴望
1991 Stories from the Editorial Board 编辑部的故事 sitcom
1993 The Commercial Person 广告人 Wan Rongfa
1994 Xuanzang of Tang 唐玄奘
Big Sister in Gold 金装大姐大
1995 The Red Wall 红墙
1996 A Metropolitan Full of Love 充满情感的都市 Fan Zhe
Struggles in an Ancient City 野火春風鬥古城 Gao Ningzi
1997 A Sentimental Story 一场风花雪月的事 Liu Baohua
Police Memo 刑警备忘录
Big Shot Li Delin 大人物李德林 Liu Xifu
A Free Life 活得潇洒
1998 Divorce 離婚
Where Dreams Began 梦开始的地方 Xin Heizi
Completely Lost 找不着北 Gu Zhiguang
We Are the Same 你我一样
1999 We Common Folks 咱老百姓
Maid in Green 綠衣紅娘 Wang Zibiao
2000 Palace of Desire 大明宮詞
The Magical Chinese Detective 中国神探 Gu Liang
Chaotianmen 朝天门
2001 Waiting for Your Return 等你归来
Can't Give Up 欲罢不能
Daddy Dash Forward 老爸向前冲 He Shan
Lu Bu and Diaochan 呂布與貂蟬 Wang Yun
A Family in the Northeast 东北一家人 sitcom
2002 A Laughing Stock 贻笑大方 Wu Liwei
Promises of Fate 命运的承诺
Not-So-Distant Neighbours 相邻不远
2003 The Return to Shanghai Bund 重返上海灘 Du Bang
Qingyi 青衣
Unexpected 出乎意料
The Thirteenth Princess 十三格格 Li Lianying
Rescuing Juvenile Offenders 拯救少年犯
Swordsmen of the Passes 關中刀客
Debt of Gratitude 恩情 Tao Guodong
2004 The Truth Behind 真相的背后 Lu Changming
Fate in Tears and Laughter 啼笑因緣 Liu Dezhu
Homely Man 居家男人 Gao Baosheng
The Tycoon 天下奇謀 Tong Erzhuo
Zhuo-er's Story 卓尔的故事 Mr. Qiao
Wife 妻子 Xie Jiashu
Romantic Life 血色浪漫
2005 The Execution of Chen Shimei 新鍘美案 Guo Zheng
The Incorruptible Official 大清官 Fukang

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year # Award Category Work Result
2000 20th Golden Rooster Awards Best Supporting Actor Sorry Baby Nominated
2001 21st Golden Rooster Awards Best Supporting Actor Escort Won
2002 9th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actor Won
2nd Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actor Nominated


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