Fu Yue

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Fu Yue
Fu Yue.jpg
A 1932 illustration of Fu Yue
Traditional Chinese傅說
Simplified Chinese傅說

Fu Yue, also known as Hou Que (侯雀; Hóu Què), was a premier[1] and minister from Fuyan (present-day Pinglu County, Shanxi) under the king Wu Ding of the Shang dynasty, who reigned 1324–1265 BC.


Fu Yue was originally a labourer, skilled at making walls for defence.[1] Being unable to subscribe towards the repair of certain roads, worked upon them himself. After Wu Ding heard of Fu Yue, he wanted to bring him to his royal court, but was worried that his court officials would despise Fu Yue for his background. Wu Ding concocted a dream that Heaven sent him an able minister; and on seeking for the man according to the features seen in the dream, Fu Yue was discovered in a workshed and received the appointment.

At his death, it is said that he became the constellation known as the Sieve (G Scorpii), one of the twenty-eight constellations of the zodiac,[2] which forms a part of Sagittarius.[3]


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