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Fuchengmen in 1930

Fuchengmen (simplified Chinese: 阜成门; traditional Chinese: 阜成門; pinyin: Fùchéngmén; Manchu:ᡝᠯᡤᡳᠶᡝᠨ ᡳ
;Möllendorf:elgiyen i mutehe duka) is the name of a gate on the western side of Beijing's city wall. The gate was torn down in the 1960s, and has been replaced by the Fuchengmen overpass on the 2nd Ring Road. Fuchengmen Station is now known as a transportation node, where a number of public buses and Line 2 of the Beijing Subway stop. The street that once passed through the gate is still named in its relation to the gate. East of Fuchengmen, it is known as Fuchengmen Inner Street because it would have been inside the wall. West of Fuchengmen, it is known as Fuchengmen Outer Street. Further west, the street becomes Fushi Road (China National Highway 109).

Coordinates: 39°55′20″N 116°21′0″E / 39.92222°N 116.35000°E / 39.92222; 116.35000