Fucking Hell

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For the exclamation, see Fuck.
Fucking Hell
Fucking Hell label
Type Pilsner
Country of origin Germany
Introduced 2011
Alcohol by volume 4.9%

Fucking Hell is a German Pilsner or pale lager. It is named after the village of Fucking in Austria. The beer's name (which also plays on hell, the German word for 'pale' and a typical description of this kind of beer) was initially controversial. Both the local authorities in Fucking[1] and the European Union's Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office initially objected to the name. It was eventually accepted and the lager is now sold internationally.

Fucking Hell is a Pilsner with an alcohol content of 4.9%.[2] The beer is not brewed in Fucking, and at the time of its launch the village had no brewery.[1]


In 2010, two German businessmen, Stefan Fellenberg and Florian Krause,[3] applied to register a Community Trade Mark to name a beer "Fucking Hell".

The European Union's Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office initially refused to grant a trademark for the beer on the grounds that it contained an expletive.[4][5] However, Fellenberg and Krause argued that the name referred to the village in Austria and that Hell was an Austrian and Southern German term for pale lager.[4][6] The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office then permitted the registration of the trademark, stating that the name was "an interjection used to express a deprecation, but it does not indicate against whom the deprecation is directed, nor can it be considered as reprehensible to use existing place names in a targeted manner (as a reference to the place), merely because this may have an ambiguous meaning in other languages."[1]

Fellenberg and Krause intended to use the trademark as a brand name and use it to produce Fucking Hell branded food and clothing.[4] The beer went on sale in Europe, Asia and Australia in 2011.[2]

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