Fufeng Group

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Fufeng Group
Privately held company
Industry monosodium glutamate and xanthan gum
Founded 1999
Headquarters Jinan, Shandong, People's Republic of China
Area served
People's Republic of China
Key people
Chairman: Mr. Li Xuechun
Website Fufeng Group

Fufeng Group (SEHK546) is the largest private-owned monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer) and the second largest xanthan gum producer in Mainland China. Its products include flavour enhancers, xanthan gum, fertilizer, starch, and sugar substitute. Its headquarters is in Shandong province. Its CEO is Li Xuechun.

Fufeng was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 8 February 2007 with IPO price at HK$2.23 per share. Its share price at the first trading day was HK$3.01, with a 35% increase compared with its IPO price.[1] However, after issuing profit warning and profit decline at the first half year in 2007 due to a rise in the price of corn, its share price dropped below the IPO price and currently is below HK$1.[2][3] Its share price showed the poorest performance among all newly listed stocks in 2007.[4] The market capitalization of Fufeng Group is around $5.3B HKD in Jan 2016.


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