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Categories lifestyle
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 42,000 (2013, certified by CCAB)
First issue April 1984
Company Editions Nitram
Country Canada
Language French English
Website www.fugues.com
ISSN 0831-1625

Fugues is Montreal’s leading gay magazine — a comprehensive, monthly and free lifestyle resource for gay men.[1]


This popular magazine aim to highlight both the popular and under-the-radar events, personalities and products that appeal to a diverse range of local LGBT and from around the world visiting la Belle province, through a variety of portals that includes a 30-year-old print publication, an engaging and interactive daily website, a colorful weekly digital newsletter and an extensive social media presence.[2] FUGUES’ informed commentary on a variety of topics—including nightlife, dining, entertainment, politics, community issues, fashion, travel, sports and celebrity— informs a community and engages an influential and loyal readership.[3]

As a comprehensive lifestyle resource, we aim to highlight both the popular and sideline events, personalities and products that appeal to a diverse range of gay men and women.[3][1] Colorful, diverse, fun and always with a cheeky sense of humor, Fugues' provocative perspective on Entertainment, Politics, Trends, Health, Travel, Sports and Celebrities both informs and engages its readers in order to support and promote the GLBT community. In common with most gay publications, it features a listing of locations in the current Quebec gay scene as well as softcore erotic advertisements and a large directory section, including community group informations, business contacts, real estate, ads for health and body care, massage and escort services, counselling services and phone lines. It also features a popular horoscope column with a love twist, several columns, several features and special sections each month.[3]


Fugues is published as an alternative format (7" X 10,25") glossy magazine, similar in size to a comic book, and is distributed as a free publication not only in Montreal's Gay Village, but also all over town and in selected cities across Canada — Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and over 20 smaller cities all over the Province of Quebec. It is the only LGBT magazine title in Quebec whose print circulation is certified (twice per year since 2001) by a reputed independent firm: Canadian Circulation Audit Bureau (CCAB) a subsidiary of BPA-Worldwide (www.bpaww.com]).

Considered as THE gay reference in Quebec, Fugues has been reaching its market effectively since 1984. Fugues' outreach of well over 255,000 monthly readers is well maintained through the following ongoing tools :

• Monthly free publication (average certified circulation of 42,000+ copies reaching 35,000+ readers)

• The Virtual PDF version of that publication (5,000 to 10,000 downloads each month)

• A daily updated news oriented website (280,000+ pages seen each month by 98,000+ readers)

• Weekly E-Newsletters (over 13 000 subscribers and growing)

• Active Facebook page with 7,500 of followers and devoted fans

Each month the magazine offers more than 180 pages of valuable articles on a large diversity of subjects, and several columns written from its main audience's perspective by leading and well respected journalists, celebrities and community leaders.


The magazine is published by Éditions Nitram.

Yves Lafontaine is the director/editor in chief. Contributors to the magazine have included André C. Passiour, Michel Joanny-Furtin, Denis-Daniel Boullé, Julie Vaillancourt, Olivier Gagnon, Patrick Brunette, Eric Paquette. Photographers Robert Laliberté, Oscar Ochoa, Perry Senecal, StudioFotofusion's Dominic Brunet as well as Montreal’s high camp drag queen Mado Lamotte, wine critic Olivier de Maisonneuve, local DJ Louis Costa, Andre Roy (one of Quebec most notable poet and critic) are part of the magazine's eclectic panel of contributors.

Other publications by the same publisher[edit]

Cover of Guide Arc-en-ciel for Fall 2000-Winter 2001

Fugues publishers publish a number of other publications including:

  • Guide Arc-en-ciel
  • Quebec Rainbow Guide (English version of Guide Arc-en-ciel)
  • DecorHomme
  • Zip


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