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Fuheis, Jordan


Skyline of Fuheis, Jordan
Fuheis, Jordan is located in Jordan
Fuheis, Jordan
Fuheis, Jordan
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 32°01′N 35°46′E / 32.017°N 35.767°E / 32.017; 35.767
CountryFlag of Jordan.svg Jordan
GovernorateBalqa Governorate
Municipality established1962
 • TypeMunicipality
 • MayorJamal Hattar
 • Metro
7 sq mi (17 km2)
 • Town18,916
 • Religions
60% Greek Orthodox, 30% Catholics, 10% other (mainly muslims)
Time zoneGMT +2
 • Summer (DST)+3
Area code(s)+(962)6

Fuheis (Arabic: الفحيص‎) (also Fuhais) is a town in the Jordanian governorate of Balqa, just 20 kilometers northwest[2] of Amman. The town has 20,000 residents, and is majority Christian.

It lies in Wadi Shueib (Valley of Jethro), between Salt and Amman.


The population of Fuheis was approximately 18916 in 2015, with a male-to-female ratio of 52:48.

Jordanian citizens make up 87% of the population. According to the national census of 2004, the population was 14,641. The census of that year shows that there were 3,309 households in the city with an average of 4.5 persons per household, lower than the national average of 5.3 persons per household.

The population of Fuheis increases to about 20,000 in the summer, as many of city residents who have emigrated to the United States and Europe return for their summer vacations.

Approximately 60% of the population are Greek Orthodox. Catholics 30% and Muslims 10% make up the rest of the population.

Fuheis is also famous for its traditional habits from singing and dancing (dabke), and for depending on its farms.[3]

List of Mayors of Fuhais[edit]

Rank Mayor term
1 Fahad Swaiss 1963-1964
2 Essa Smairat 1965-1967
3 Fareed Akroush 1968-1971
4 Yousuf Daoud 1972-1980
5 Adoluf Swaiss 1980-1984
6 Kamal Daoud 1985-1987
7 Farouq Jraisat 1988-1992
8 Jamal Hattar 1992-1994
9 Anton Dayyat 1995-1999
10 Hweishel Akroush 1999-2003
11 Fuad Smairat 2003-2007
12 Jeries Swaiss 2007-2010
13 Hweishel Akroush 2013-2017
14 Jamal Hattar 2017-

Fuheis Festival[edit]

Fuheis festival is an annually held event held in Fuheis, Jordan and it is considered to be the second biggest festival in Jordan, after Jerash Festival.

They have celebrated their silver jubilee in 2016, where they have welcomed bands and artists from Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon to perform in concerts and poetry evenings .

Several artists and singers from across the region were invited to perform in the town, like: Wadih El Safi, Melhem Barakat, Sabah Fakhri, Fares Karam, Moeen Charif, Omar Al-Abdallat, George Kurdahi and many more, and the variety of night events and activities attracts around 10000 to 20000 visitors yearly.

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Coordinates: 32°01′N 35°46′E / 32.017°N 35.767°E / 32.017; 35.767