Fuhua Secondary School

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Fuhua Secondary School
Fǔhuá Zhōngxué
5, Jurong West St 41
West Region
Coordinates 1°20′51″N 103°43′37″E / 1.347455°N 103.726837°E / 1.347455; 103.726837Coordinates: 1°20′51″N 103°43′37″E / 1.347455°N 103.726837°E / 1.347455; 103.726837
Type Government
Motto Strive For Excellence
Established 2000
Opened 2000
Founder Ong Kian Choon
Status In Operation
Session Single
School code 3614
Principal Tan Siew Woon Jennifer
Gender Mixed
Age range 13 - 16
Enrolment 2,000+
Average class size 40
Student to teacher ratio 40:1
Medium of language English
Red, Gold, Blue

Fuhua Secondary School (abbreviation: FHSS; Simplified Chinese: 辅华中学) is a secondary school located in Jurong West, in the western part of Singapore. It started in 2000 and was officially opened on 10 July 2002 by Mr Lim Boon Heng, Minister, Prime Minister's Office and MP for Jurong GRC. Fuhua Secondary School has a twinning programme with Tai Chung Experimental School in China.

School leadership[edit]

There have been four principals and six vice-principals since the offices were created in 2000 and 2002 respectively.

     – Incumbent
Period of office English name Chinese name Transferred from Transferred to
2000–04 Ong Kian Choon 王建春 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) Nan Chiau High School
2005–10 Oen Siew Yock 温秀玉 New Town Secondary School Seng Kang Secondary School
2010–16 Tan Siew Woon Jennifer 陈秀雯 Bedok Town Secondary School Northland Secondary School
2016–present Foong Lai Leong 冯丽娘 Marsiling Secondary School Incumbent
Vice-Principals 1
2002–09 Phor Hoay Guan 傅辉源 The Chinese High School Changkat Changi Secondary School
2009–12 Wu Tian Hwee 胡天辉 Newly appointed Yishun Secondary School
2012–15 Chan-Ong Hui Miin Angeline 王慧敏 Hwa Chong Institution Hillgrove Secondary School
2015–16 Judy Yeow 余友云 Yusof Ishak Secondary School Retired from service
2016–present Loh-Yip Sun Yee Jurong West Secondary School Incumbent
Vice-Principals 2
2011–present Quah Siew Kin 柯寿鈞 Greendale Secondary School Incumbent

Awards and achievements[edit]

Clubs and Society

Robotics and programming Club[1]

International Robot Olympiad 2003-07 & World Robot Olympiad 2004-012 - Gold Medals & Excellence Awards,

Singapore Robotic Games 2002-2013 - Champion,

National Olympiad in Informatics 2008 (1 Silver & 1 Bronze Medals),

National Software Competition (Algorithm) Merit Award, Singapore Games Creation Competition (Webpage Design) Merit Award.

Chinese Dance

Singapore Youth Festival 2009 - Gold with Honours [2]

Malay Dance

Singapore Youth Festival 2009 - Gold [3]

Chinese Orchestra

Singapore Youth Festival 2009 - Gold [4]

NCC (Land) Unit [5]

Best Unit Competition 2008 - Best Unit Overall

Scout units (Tsunami Sea Scouts)

Frank Cooper Sands' Award 2008 - Gold[6]

In 2006, the school clinched Joint Winner for the inaugural National Weather Study Project 2006 organised by Senoko Power Limited with their winning entry: "How Clean is Our Air" and was given a chance to travel to Brisbane Australia as an educational tour More Information.

On July 13, 2007, its students were featured on Channel News Asia Primetime News at 9PM as part of the "Saving Gaia" movement when one of its students submitted his views on the environment and Live Earth concert. More Information.

All of Fuhua's recent achievements can be viewed at [1]

The Records Challenge 2008 (奔向健力士)

Fuhua participated in the Mediacorp Channel 8 variety show "The Records Challenge (奔向健力士)" from February to August 2008. Fuhua went through four rounds to subsequently win the challenge. The event subsequently became the longest school wide competition that Fuhua competed in, and became the overarching theme of the year 2008 for Fuhua. The competition was also telecast on national television, alongside many other schools.

The first was the challenge "Tunnel Ball", in which they triumphed over Bedok Secondary School and subsequently entered the quarterfinal. Preparation took up about 2 weeks prior to the event. The challenge was to pass a ball under one's legs and over one's head as quickly as possible, with the last person receiving the ball running to the front to pass it again. The school that completed the most number of passes would be the winner. However, if one person were to drop the ball, the count would reset to zero and the school would have to start again.

The event was not without drama, for Bedok Secondary dropped the ball a few times. Fuhua too, dropped the ball and had their count restarted before recovering to win the challenge.

For the quarterfinal, Fuhua's challenge was to make a 3 metres by 4 metres balloon zoological garden and attempt to set a new Singapore Record. The school prepared by learning how to make balloons of different shapes and sizes. As almost no one had any experience with making balloon figures, everyone spent a significant amount of time learning the art. As a result, preparation time was significantly longer. Fuhua's competitor in this round was Yishun Town Secondary School and Fuhua eventually won by 2 marks (86 to 84). However, Fuhua did not receive the certificate for setting the record, as one of the rules of the competition was that the team who got the highest score would receive the certificate. The certificate eventually went to Innova Primary School.

The next challenge was to make a Singapore flag made up of 8500 drink cans, in tandem with the National Day celebrations that were around the corner. For this round, Fuhua was teamed up with Townsville Primary School and competed against Hwa Chong Institution and Innova Primary School. This round was very intensive, with students having to first gather at least 8500. They eventually gathered more than 10,000 cans. Much time was spent washing and painting these cans and many different models of stacking them were tried before settling on the version used for the actual challenge. In the end Fuhua and Townsville won by 10 marks (86 to 76), and Fuhua got into the Grand final, with the subsequent challenge to break a world record.

Record Challenge Final

On August 2008, Townsville Primary, Anglo Chinese School (Junior), Bukit Panjang Government High School as well as Fuhua Secondary School gathered at Singapore Polytechnic to break a Guinness world record of having the most number of people passing an egg over a 100m distance with a teaspoon. In the end, Fuhua was the first school that completed the given task and they became the Champion. The prize was a trophy and $5000 cash. The trophy now stands in the Trophy Cabinet and the cash was put into the school fund for the cost of the new Indoor Sports Hall.

The participants in the Record Challenge final were around 400 Fuhua students, with a further 100 more supporting the school. This event was one of the few times in recent years where Fuhua participated in a national competition and garnered great school support. Coincidentally it was also one where the school song never rang louder, when Fuhua became the eventual champions.


It is an all-white uniform. White represents purity. There are shoulder lapels on the shirt/blouse. It is secured by metal epaulettes. The shirt/blouse has chest pockets and metal epaulettes are also placed on the pockets. Lower Secondary male students wear shorts while the Upper Secondary male students wear long pants. Female students wear white pleated skirts and often with shorts underneath. Since the uniform is white, they are encouraged to not wear bras that are visible through the uniform.

Its attire for physical education (PE) is primarily a red shirt. The front of the shirt has a beige background with the school crest placed on the top left of the shirt. The word "Fuhua" spreads from the right to the left at the front. At the back of the PE T-shirt, "Fuhua Secondary" is slightly curved and spans from the left to the right.

The school blazer is bright red in colour. Students have to wear their tie with the blazer. The blazer is commonly used for special occasions like Open House, Speech Day. Ushers (usually prefects are the one) have to put on the blazer. The tie is blue in colour with yellow diagonal stripes. The name "Fuhua" is placed on top of these stripes.

School video[edit]

A drama was filmed in 2005. Called Subject to Change, it was directed by Jason Ye. There was another film, a documentary on cosplay. This documentary won the Silver award, an improvement compared to the documentary filmed in 2004 titled 'Pets for Life', which achieved a merit award.

Speech Day[edit]

The school holds its speech day every year in March or April where awards are given out for academic achievement by the students. Typically, the principal will also use the ceremony to deliver the school report to the parents and dignitaries present.

Sports Day[edit]

Sports Day was an annual event in Fuhua from the period 2000 to 2005. It was phased out and replaced with the Sports Carnival.

Sports Day was a day of athletic competition, with individual events traditionally being the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, shot put and the long jump. Team events were 4 × 100 m relays and 4 × 400 m relays.

Students were grouped into Houses (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) and competed for points for the Houses. Competition would be tough, with each house claiming superiority over the other. Within the short periods of time, the houses each managed to form rather distinct identities. Yellow House was well known for its cheering abilities, while Blue House would claim to have the best athletes, and thus the best in sports. This claim would however, be hotly contested by Red House, who would argue being the most rounded House (both in competing and cheering) and winning the Sports Day Championship in 2002. Green House would alternative being good in both cheering and competing, a claim which was well deserved.

The house system has since been phased out, with the Sports Carnival being competed on a class basis.

Currently, Fuhua is back with the house system with Black Titans, Yellow Phoenix, Blue Kraken, and Green Griffin.

Aesthetics education[edit]

In 2006, Fuhua started aesthetics education lessons. Fuhua had Wushu, Tie Dye, Claymation and Multi-racial dance for Aesthetics lesson. During the year 2008, Fuhua finally got the first Aesthetics sustained achievement award.


The school has an air rifle range and an aesthetics room. The aesthetics room was officially opened on 31 March 2006 by the school's Advisory Committee Member, Mr Yip Mein Hui. The opening coincided with the school's Speech Day. The school also has a soccer field in which the Singapore Sports Council makes use of by hosting inter-school matches on the field. And a band room for the military band. The school also has a rock-climbing wall.

Student Leadership[edit]


Natasha Low - Leader of former Singaporean-South Korean Girl Group Skarf