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Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd.
Limited company
Industry Automotive
Founded June 2007 (Fúzhōu)
Headquarters Fúzhōu, China
Area served
Hong Kong
Mainland China
South Korea
Key people
Hao Hanlong (General manager)
Products Minivans, Multi Purpose Vehicles and Special Purpose Vehicles
Number of employees
1,300 (2010)
Parent Daimler AG
Fujian Motors Group
China Motor Corporation
Website fujiandaimler.com.cn

Fujian Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., formerly Fujian Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd., is a light commercial vehicle manufacturing company based in Fúzhōu, and a joint venture between the German Daimler AG, the Chinese state-owned Fujian Motors Group and the Taiwanese China Motor Corporation.


The company was founded in June 2007 as Fujian Daimler Automotive Co. It began construction of an assembly plant in the Qingkou Investment Zone, Fúzhōu in October 2007.[1] For establishing of the joint venture and building the plant facilities, Fujian Motor Industry Group Company and the Hong Kong Daimler Vans Limited invested a capital of 208,000,000.

Series production of Fujian Daimler's first product range, the Viano transporter, began in April 2010.[2]

Fujian Daimler officially changed its name to Fujian Benz in February 2012.[3]

In March 2013 Fujian Benz opened a new product development center in Fuzhou, constructed at a cost of around RMB 500 million (approximately €60 million).[4][5]


Fujian Benz's main site in Fuzhou covers an area of 128,000 m². The company currently employs 1,300 workers. Approximately 40,000 vehicles per year can be made at maximum utilization. Depending on demand, the production lines of the plant can be used model variable. This means that a production line is not assigned to a particular model. As in all other production facilities of Daimler AG, the Mercedes-Benz Production System is applied. About forty percent of all necessary vehicle parts and components are produced by locally based firms.

At its production plant in Qinkou, Fujian Benz operates a product development center which covers approximately 11,000 square meters of built-up area, as well as a 53,000 square meter proving ground including a 1,400 meter circuit.[5] In an industrial park adjacent to the Qinkou production plant, Fujian Benz operates an EMC lab, an exhaust gas test lab, and a chassis dynamometers facility, which cover a combined built-up area of around 8,000 square meters.[5]

Fujian Benz's vehicles are distributed by the Beijing-based company Daimler Northeast Asia Ltd. Fujian Benz products are currently sold in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.


Fujian Benz currently produces the following vehicles:[6]


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