Fujian University of Technology

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Fujian University of Technology
Type Public
Established 2002
Location Fuzhou, Fujian,  China
Campus Suburban
Website http://www.fjut.edu.cn/

Fujian University of Technology (Chinese: 福建工程学院; pinyin: Fújiàn Gōngchéng Xuéyuàn) is a public university located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. The Chinese Ministry of Education established the university in 2002 by merging Fujian College of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Fujian Institute of Technology. The predecessor of both institutions was the noted "Fujian Gaogong" (Fujian Advanced Technological School) originating from “Canxia Jingshe” (Canxia Elementary Technological School), which was co-founded in 1896 by Lin Shu, an eminent Fujian scholar and translator and Chen Baochen, tutor of the last Chinese emperor Puyi during the Qing dynasty. The university abbreviation is FJUT.

Faculty Information[edit]

FJUT currently has 24,128 full-time students. There are 18,890 undergraduate students of which 5,238 are collegiates. There are also 4,788 adult students.

The university has 1,350 staff. The faculty members comprise 697 of which 213 are professors and associate professors. The university has 3 campuses, known as Shanxi Campus, Cangshan Campus and Pudong Campus and occupies a total area of 40.5 ha (607 mu). Its new location in Fuzhou University District will occupy an area of 107 ha (1,608 mu). The university is equipped with adequate facilities for teaching and learning with a total of 47 laboratories, the total value of the teaching equipment amounting to 71,420,000 Yuan.[1]


The timeline of the history of the university is:[2]

Year Organization
1896 Fujian Cangxia Technical School
1909 Fujian Official Intermediate Industrial School
1933 Fuzhou Industrial Professional School of Fujian Province
1938 Fujian Provincial Advanced Industrial School
1952 Fujian Fuzhou Industrial School
1953 Fujian Architectural Engineering School Fuzhou Industrial School
1958 Fujian Architectural Engineering Professional Training College Fujian Mechanical and Electrical Professional Training College
1960 Fujan Architectural Engineering College Fujian Mechanical and Electrical College
1963 Fujian Architectural Engineering School Fujian Mechanical and Electrical School
1978 Fujian Architectural Technical Institute
1985 Fujian Zhonghua Vocational College
1994 Fujian College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
1995 Fujian Industrial School of Technology
2000 Fujian Polytechnic College
2002 Fujian University of Technology

University Structure[edit]

FJUT consists of 13 departments, 2 teaching divisions, a school for adults' further education and vocational education and a software professionals training base.

  • Electromechanical and Automation Department
  • Information Science and Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Architecture and Urban Planning Department
  • Environment and Equipment Engineering Department
  • Economic Management Department
  • Modern Media Department
  • Jurisprudence Department
  • Mathematics and Physics Department
  • School of Humanities

The two teaching divisions are Political Science Division and Physical Education Division.


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