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The Fujica X-mount was a lens mount created by Fujifilm in the late 1970s for the new Fujica SLR lineup: AX-1, AX-3, AX-5, STX-1, STX-1N, STX-2. It replaced the M42 screw mount used on their earlier SLRs.

The mount is a bayonet type, with a 65° clockwise lock, and a flange focal distance of 43.5 mm.[1]

With the advent of autofocus, the Fujica series of 35 mm SLR cameras was discontinued in 1985, rendering this mount obsolete.[2] Fuji would return to the SLR market in 2000 with a series of digital SLR cameras starting with the FinePix S1 Pro, but these were based on Nikon designs and used the autofocus version of the Nikon F-mount.

Fujifilm introduced a line of twenty X-Fujinon lenses with this mount (as well as some Fujinar lenses):

Fujifilm X-Fujinon lenses[edit]

The following lists Fujifilm X-Fujinon lenses with this mount (not including Fujinar lenses with this mount). Fujifilm X-Fujinon lenses line.png

The "no-DM" lens cannot be used for program and shutter priority exposure modes of AX-3, AX-5 SLR ; aperture priority and manual mode will work.


There were some accessories that complied with Fujica X-mount:

  • The "mount adapter X-S" for M42 lenses.
  • Two extension tubes : X25 (25 mm) and X50 (50 mm).
  • The "auto bellows X" used with a 50 mm lens can provide 1 to 3× magnification. It can also be used with the "focusing rail X". The Fujica "slide copier X" mounted on the "focusing rail X" simplifies the copying of 135 film pictures.
  • The "macro cine copy X" is a macro lens with specific windows to take copies from 8 mm and 16 mm films.
  • The "microscope adapter X" to adapt the camera body to a microscope.
  • A "reverse adapter X", that can be mounted with an extension tube.
  • A classic "teleconverter 2X".

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