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Pro 160NS
Maker Fujifilm
Speed 160/23°
Type Color print
Balance Daylight
Process C-41
Format 120, 4×5 in, 8×10 in
Grain Fine (RMS 3)
Application Portraiture
Pro 400H
Speed 400/27°
Type Color
Format 35mm, 120
Grain Fine (RMS 4)
Saturation "Soft"
Application Portraiture

Fujicolor Pro is a line of professional color negative films from Japanese company Fujifilm. It currently consists of Pro 160NS and Pro 400H.

Pro 160NS merges the previous Pro 160C and Pro 160S variants into one film. There was also a Pro 800Z.

Until recently[when?] the line had "NP" names: NPS 160, NPC 160, NPH 400, and NPZ 800. There were[when?] also NPL 160 (tungsten balanced) and NHG II (800 ASA) but these have been discontinued.

With the new "Pro" names the 160 ISO emulsions were also adjusted to be finer grained and have more neutral colour balance. All four incorporate Fuji's 4th cyan layer for improved colour rendition.[1]

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