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In this Japanese name, the family name is Mitarai.

Fujio Mitarai (御手洗 冨士夫 Mitarai Fujio?, born September 23, 1935 in Kamae, Ōita) is the chairman of Canon .[1] He studied Law at Chuo University, and was President of Canon in the USA until 1989.[2]

Mitarai used a unique blend of eastern and western managerial styles to mold Canon into a highly successful company.[3] Through a large overhaul he was able to bring the company back to profitability with a style that was coined "the Mitarai way."[4]


  • 1935 September 23: Born at Kamae, Ōita (now Saiki).
  • 1961 March: Graduated University of Chuo department of Law. While the bar exam aim failed in school, in April Fujio joined the leaders of Canon with his uncle Takeshi Mitarai - one of the founders of the company.
  • 1979: Appointed President position of Canon USA.
  • 1995: Assumed the 6th presidency after Hajime - Mitarai's cousin, former president died.
  • 2006: Chairman of Japan Business Federation.
  • 2010: Resigned the Chairman position. Now Chairman Emeritus.
  • 2012: Returned to presidency of Canon Japan[5]


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