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Fujirebio, Inc. (富士レビオ株式会社, Fujirebio Kabushikikaisha) is a Japanese company that deals with manufacturing and selling reagents and equipment for clinical diagnostics and assay systems. It was founded in 1950 under the name Fujizoki Pharmaceutical, Co., Inc. and originally developed and manufactured pharmaceutical products. In 1983 its name was changed to Fujirebio Inc. This name is a fusion of the name FUJI, from Japan's famous icon, Mount Fuji, RE from the English word "revival", and BIO from the Greek word bios, which means "life". In 2005 Fujirebio's business was integrated to the one of SRL ("Special Reference Laboratories", established in 1970) and therefore, Fujirebio Inc. became a holding company of Miraca Holdings Inc.

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