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Lifebook U759

Lifebook is a line of laptop computers made by Fujitsu, which also offers a range of notebooks and tablet PCs within the same Lifebook family.


In partnership with Poqet Computer Corporation, Fujitsu launched the world’s first hand-held, one-pound, IBM/PC-XT-compatible computer in 1989. Fujitsu launched its first single-spindle convertible Tablet PC, the Lifebook T3000 Series, in October 2003. The Lifebook T3010 was an important launching pad for Fujitsu’s present-day tablet PCs.


Fujitsu divides its Lifebook family into three model segments: all-round, advanced and superior.[1]

According to the company, the all-round models are designed for users running standard office applications and are suitable for everyday all-round use from picture editing, e-mailing and surfing the internet through the use of multimedia applications. Lifebook models in the all-round sector include the A-/AH-series, the SH-series, the LH-series and the NH-series.

Advanced models are designed for high mobility and security. Most of the advanced models are designed for advanced processing and include a port replicator. Models from the T, S, E and P-series are in the advanced segment.

Superior Lifebook models are designed for the mobile professional user, as well as industries such as healthcare, services, research and education. Models in the superior category come from the T, P and S-series.

Fujitsu also offers a tablet PC under the Stylistic brand name.

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