Fujiwara no Kanemichi

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Fujiwara no Kanemichi
Born 925
Died 977
Nationality Japanese
Parents Fujiwara no Morosuke (father)

Fujiwara no Kanemichi (藤原 兼通?, 925 – December 20, 977) was a Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Heian period.[1]


Kanemichi served as a minister during the reign of Emperor En'yū. His chief rival was his younger brother, Kaneie, who was also raised to the position of regent during a different time frame.


This member of the Fujiwara clan was the son of Morosuke.[1] He was the second son.

Kanemichi had four brothers: Kaneie,[4] Kinsue,[5] Koretada,[6] and Tamemitsu.[7]


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