Fujiwara no Morotada

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Fujiwara no Morotada
BornJuly 24, 920
DiedDecember 1, 969
ParentsFujiwara no Tadahira (father)

Fujiwara no Morotada (藤原師尹, July 24, 920 — December 1, 969) was a Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Heian period.[1]


He was a minister during the reign of Emperor Reizei.

  • 968 (Kōhō 5, 12th month): Morotada is named udaijin.[2]
  • 969 (Anna 2, 3rd month): Morotada is elevated to the position of sadaijin in the Imperial court.[3]
  • 969 (Anna 2, 10th month): Sadaijin Morotada died.[4]


This member of the Fujiwara clan was the son of Fujiwara no Tadahira.[1] Morotada was the youngest son. He had two brothers: Saneyori and Morosuke.[5]


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