Fujiwara no Muchimaro

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Fujiwara no Muchimaro

Fujiwara no Muchimaro (藤原 武智麻呂, 680 – August 29, 737) was a Japanese courtier (kuge) and politician of the early-Nara period.

The eldest son of Fujiwara no Fuhito, he founded the Nanke ("Southern") branch of the Fujiwara clan.[1]

Muchimaro's mother was Soga no Shōshi, daughter of Soga no Murajiko. He married a granddaughter of Abe no Miushi, with whom he had two sons Fujiwara no Toyonari and Fujiwara no Nakamaro. Among his daughters was consort of Emperor Shōmu.

Muchimaro became the head of Ministry of Civil Services in 718. When Fuhito, Muchimaro's father, died in 720, Prince Nagaya was at the highest rank in the state government. Prince Nagaya was grandson of Emperor Tenmu, but not a son of Fujiwara family, therefore was seen as a threat by Muchimaro and his three brothers. After successfully removing Prince Nagaya in 729, Muchimaro rose to Counselor.

In 734, he was promoted to Udaijin or "Minister of the Right".[1] In 737, he was made Sadaijin or "Minister of the Left", but died of smallpox the following day.[1]


  • Father: Fujiwara no Fuhito
  • Mother: Soga no Shōshi (蘇我娼子, ?–?), daughter of Soga no Murajiko (蘇我連子).
    • Main Wife: Sada-hime (阿倍貞媛, 阿倍貞吉 or 阿倍真虎), grand-daughter of Abe no Miushi (阿倍御主人).
    • Wife: name unknown, daughter of Ki no Maro (紀麻呂).
      • 3rd son: Fujiwara no Otomaro (藤原乙麻呂, ?–760?)
    • Wife: (阿祢姫), daughter of (小治田功麻呂).
      • 4th son: Fujiwara no Kosemaro (藤原巨勢麻呂, ?–764)
    • Wife: name unknown

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