Fujiwara no Toyonari

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Fujiwara no Toyonari
Born 704
Died 765
Nationality Japanese
Parents Fujiwara no Muchimaro (father)

Fujiwara no Toyonari (藤原豊成, 704–765) was a Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Nara period.[1]


Toyonari served as a minister during the reigns of Emperor Shōmu, Empress Kōken, Emperor Junnin and Empress Shōtoku.

  • 749 ( 4th month): Toyonari was promoted in rank from dainagon to a rank equivalent to udaijin.[2]
  • 765 (Tenroku 3, 11th month): Toyonari died at age 62.[3]


This member of the Fujiwara clan was the son of Muchimaro.[1] Toyonari's brothers were Nakamaro[4] and Otomaro.[5]

Toyonari was the father of Fujiwara no Tsuginawa.[6]


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