Fukuchi Station

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Fukuchi Station
Fukuchi Sta.JPG
Fukuchi Station
Location Kawaguchi-cho Matsubara28, Nishio, Aichi
Operated by Nagoya Railroad
Line(s) Meitetsu Nishio Line
Opened 1915
Previous names Isshikiguchi (until 1949)
Passengers (2009) 322 daily

Fukuchi Station (福地駅?, Fukuchi-eki) is a train station on the Meitetsu Nishio Line located in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 17.4 kilometres (10.8 mi) from the terminus of the Nishio Line at Shin Anjō.


Fukuchi Station was opened on February 13, 1915 as Ishikiguchi Station (一色口駅?, Ishikiguchi-eki) on the privately held Nishio Railway. On December 21, 1926 the Nishio Railway merged with the Aichi Electric Railway, which was acquired by the Meitetsu Group on August 1, 1935. It was renamed to its present name on March 1, 1949. The station has been unattended since February 1967.



Fukuchi Station has a two opposed side platforms.


1  Meitetsu Nishio Line For Nishio, Shin Anjō
2  Meitetsu Nishio Line For Kira Yoshida

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 34°50′41″N 137°02′55″E / 34.8446°N 137.0486°E / 34.8446; 137.0486