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Bridge at Fukui Castle

The Fukui Domain (福井藩, Fukui han), also known as Echizen Domain (越前), was a Japanese domain in the Edo period. It is associated with Echizen Province in modern-day Fukui Prefecture on the island of Honshu.[1]

In the han system, Fukui was a political and economic abstraction based on periodic cadastral surveys and projected agricultural yields.[2] In other words, the domain was defined in terms of kokudaka, not land area.[3] This was different from the feudalism of the West.


Scale model of Fukui Castle

Fukui was the castle town of the Matsudaira of Echizen.[4]

In 1661, Fukui became the first han to issue hansatsu (domain paper money).[4]

In 1686, the han was reduced from 475,000 koku to 250,000 koku.[5]

List of daimyo[edit]

The hereditary daimyo were head of the clan and head of the domain.

Mitsubaaoi.jpg Matsudaira clan, 1590-1868 (fudai; 320,000 koku)[6]

  1. Yūki Hideyasu (1574–1607), also known as Matsudaira Hideyasu[7]
  2. Matsudaira Tadanao (1595–1650)[8]
  3. Matsudaira Tadamasa[6]
  4. Matsudaira Mitsumichi
  5. Matsudaira Masachika
  6. Matsudaira Tsunamasa[9]
  7. Matsudaira Yoshinori
  8. Matsudaira Yoshikuni
  9. Matsudaira Munemasa
  10. Matsudaira Munenori
  11. Matsudaira Shigemasa
  12. Matsudaira Shigetomi
  13. Matsudaira Haruyoshi
  14. Matsudaira Naritsugu
  15. Matsudaira Narisawa
  16. Matsudaira Yoshinaga, adopted by Matsudaira Nariyoshi[10]
  17. Matsudaira Mochiaki

Simplified family tree[edit]

  • Mizuno Tadamasa, Lord of Kariya (1493–1543). Maternal grandfather of Tokugawa Ieyasu. He had issue, including a daughter:
    • O-dainokata (1528–1602). She married twice and had issue, including three sons:
      • Tokugawa family crest.svg Tokugawa Ieyasu, 1st Tokugawa Shōgun (1543-1616; r. 1603-1605) (by O-dainokata's first husband Matsudaira Hirotada (1526–1549))
        • Simple silver crown.svg I. Yūki (Matsudaira) Hideyasu, 1st Lord of Fukui (cr. 1601) (1574-1607; Lord of Fukui: 1601-1607)
          • Simple silver crown.svg II. Matsudaira Tadanao, 2nd Lord of Fukui (1595-1650; r. 1607-1623)
          • Simple silver crown.svg III. Matsudaira Tadamasa, 3rd Lord of Fukui (1598-1645; r. 1623-1645)
            • Matsudaira Masakatsu, Lord of Matsuoka (1636–1693)
              • Simple silver crown.svg VI. Matsudaira Tsunamasa, 6th Lord of Fukui (1661-1699; r. 1676-1686)
              • Simple silver crown.svg IX. Matsudaira Munemasa, 9th Lord of Fukui (1675-1724; r. 1721-1724)
              • Simple silver crown.svg VIII. Matsudaira Yoshikuni, 8th Lord of Fukui (1681-1722; r. 1710-1721)
            • Simple silver crown.svg IV. Matsudaira Mitsumichi, 4th Lord of Fukui (1636-1674; r. 1645-1674)
            • Simple silver crown.svg V & VII. Matsudaira Masachika (Yoshiyori, as 7th Lord), 5th and 7th Lord of Fukui (1640-1711; 5th Lord of Fukui: 1674-1676; 7th Lord of Fukui: 1686-1710)
          • Matsudaira Naomasa, Lord of Matsue (1601–1666)
            • Matsudaira Chikayoshi, 1st Lord of Echizen-Matsudaira (1632–1717)
              • Matsudaira Chikatoki, 2nd Lord of Echizen-Matsudaira (1659–1702)
                • Matsudaira Naoyuki, 1st Lord of Itoigawa (1682–1718)
          • Matsudaira Naomoto, Lord of Himeji (1604–1648)
            • Matsudaira Naonori, Lord of Shirakawa (1642–1695)
              • Matsudaira Motochika, Lord of Shirakawa (1682–1721)
                • Simple silver crown.svg X. Matsudaira Munenori, 10th Lord of Fukui (1715-1749; r. 1724-1749)
        • Tokugawa Yorinobu, 1st Lord of Kishū (1602–1671)
          • Tokugawa Mitsutada, 2nd Lord of Kishū (1627–1705)
            • Tokugawa family crest.svg Tokugawa Yoshimune, 5th Lord of Kishū, 8th Tokugawa Shōgun (1684-1751; Lord of Kishū: 1705-1716; Shōgun: 1716-1745)
              • Tokugawa Munetada, 1st head of the Hitotsubashi-Tokugawa line (1721–1765)
                • Simple silver crown.svg XI. Matsudaira Shigemasa, 11th Lord of Fukui (1743-1758; r. 1749-1758)
                • Simple silver crown.svg XII. Matsudaira Shigetomi, 12th Lord of Fukui (1748-1809; r. 1758-1799)
                  • Simple silver crown.svg XIII. Matsudaira Haruyoshi, 13th Lord of Fukui (1768-1826; r. 1799-1825)
                    • Simple silver crown.svg XIV. Matsudaira Naritsugu, 14th Lord of Fukui (1811-1835; r. 1826-1835)
                • Tokugawa Harusada, 2nd head of the Hitotsubashi-Tokugawa line (1751–1827)
                  • Tokugawa family crest.svg Tokugawa Ienari, 11th Tokugawa Shōgun (1773-1841; r. 1786-1841)
                    • Simple silver crown.svg XV. Matsudaira Narisawa, 15th Lord of Fukui (1820-1838; r. 1835-1838)
                  • Tokugawa Narimasa, 4th head of the Tayasu-Tokugawa line (1779–1848)
                    • Simple silver crown.svg XVI. Matsudaira Yoshinaga, 16th Lord of Fukui (1828-1890; r. 1838-1858)
                    • Tokugawa Yoshiyori, 8th head of the Tayasu-Tokugawa line (1828–1876)
                      • Tokugawa Satotaka, 9th head of the Tayasu-Tokugawa line, 1st Count (1865–1941)
                        • Captain Tokugawa Satonari IJN, 10th head of the Tayasu-Tokugawa line, 2nd Count (1899–1961)
                          • Matsudaira Munetoshi, 20th family head (b. 1940; 20th family head: 1957-present), m. Matsudaira Tomoko (b. 1944, see below), and has issue, including:
                            • Matsudaira Teruyasu (b. 1965)
                              • Matsudaira Shizuki (b. 1994)
      • Matsudaira Yasumoto, 1st Lord of Sekiyado (1552–1603) (by O-dainokata's second husband Hisamatsu Toshikatsu (1526–1587))
        • Matsudaira Tadayoshi, 2nd Lord of Sekiyado (1582–1624)
          • Matsudaira Yasunao, Lord of Nagashina (1623–1696)
            • Matsudaira Sadakazu (1662–1745), m. the daughter of Matsudaira Tadamasa, Lord of Kariya (1610–1673)
              • Matsudaira Naoyoshi, 2nd Lord of Itoigawa (1701–1739)
                • Matsudaira Katafusa, 3rd Lord of Itoigawa (1734–1773)
                  • Matsudaira Naotsugu, 4th Lord of Itoigawa (1759–1814)
                    • Matsudaira Naomasu, 5th Lord of Itoigawa (1789–1833)
                      • Matsudaira Naoharu, 6th Lord of Itoigawa (1810–1878)
                        • Simple silver crown.svg XVII. Matsudaira Mochiaki, 17th Lord of Fukui, 7th Lord of Itoigawa, 17th family head, 1st Marquess (1836-1890; Lord of Itoigawa: 1857-1858; Lord of Fukui: 1858-1869; Governor of Fukui: 1869-1871; 17th family head: 1858-1890; Count: 1884; Marquess: 1888)
                          • Matsudaira Yasutaka, 18th family head and 2nd Marquess (1867-1930; 18th family head and 2nd Marquess: 1890-1930)
                            • Matsudaira Yasumasa, 19th family head and 3rd Marquess (1893-1957; 19th family head: 1930-1957; 3rd Marquess: 1930-1947)
                              • Matsudaira Yasuchika (1916–1947)
                                • Matsudaira Tomoko (b. 1944), m. Matsudaira Munetoshi, 20th family head (b. 1940)
      • Hisamatsu Sadakatsu, Lord of Kuwana (1560–1624)
        • Matsudaira Tadamasa, Lord of Kariya (1610–1673)
          • A daughter, who married Matsudaira Sadakazu (1662–1745), and had issue - see above.


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