Fukuiguchi Station

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Fukuiguchi Station
Fukuiguchi Station 20090329.jpg
Fukuiguchi Station in 2009
Location 1 Matsumoto, Fukui, Fukui
Operated by Echizen Railway
  • Bus stop
Opened 1914

Fukuiguchi Station (福井口駅?, Fukuiguchi-eki) is an Echizen Railway railway station located in Fukui, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. It serves the Katsuyama Eiheiji and Mikuni Awara lines.


All Katsuyama Eiheiji Line and Mikuni Awara Line trains serve Fukuiguchi Station. The station was relocated from September 27, 2015 for a construction purpose. There is one island platform with two tracks.[1]

The station is staffed at all times. There is a railyard nearby, but the former owner Keifuku Electric Railway asked for it to be returned, so a new yard is being constructed in a space between the JR Hokuriku Main Line and the Mikuni Awara Line.[citation needed]

Until 2015[edit]

The original station was to the north of the current station.[1] There were two island platforms and one other platform with a total of five tracks.

1  Katsuyama Eiheiji Line EiheijiguchiKatsuyama
 Mikuni Awara Line Awara-YunomachiMikuni-Minato
2  Mikuni Awara Line Fukui
3  Katsuyama Eiheiji Line Fukui

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Echizen Railway company headquarters
  • Keifuku Bus Reservation Center
  • Fukui Prefectural Hospital
  • Fukui Prefecture Fukui East School for the Disabled
  • Fukui Shiiguchi Post Office
  • Fukui City Shinmei Junior High School


  • February 11, 1914: Station opens.
  • December 30, 1928: Fukuiguchi — Awara (now Awara-Yunomachi) section opens.
  • June 25, 2001: Operations halted due to accident on the Echizen Main Line.
  • July 20, 2003: Station reopens as an Echizen Railway station.
  • September 27, 2015: Station moves to temporary facilities.[1]


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Adjacent stations[edit]

Coordinates: 36°04′17″N 136°13′59″E / 36.071364°N 136.233182°E / 36.071364; 136.233182